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In Europe, the program will launch fractional ownership Piaggio Avanti

German charter operator AirGo Flugservice (Mainz, Germany) and UK Fractional Jet Europe (FJE), which specializes in advising real estate investors for business jets, have joined forces to develop the first in Europe, fractional ownership program, based on the aircraft P180 Avanti.

Concern Airbus has decided to help the American Aerion create the world's first supersonic business jet. Want to finish the job in 2021.


European consortium Airbus has decided to help the American Aerion create the world's first supersonic business jet. Want to finish the job in 2021.  
Similar project from Airbus already had.

Business aviation spreading to Russian regions

Russian business aviation mostly remains concentrated in Moscow.

Airline "Yakutia" filled up the park THREE short-haul aircraft BOMBARDIER DASH 8 Q300

As part of the renovation program of the aircraft fleet, the airline "Yakutia" plans in the near future to replenish its fleet of regional aircraft Bombardier Dash 8 Q300. All three aircraft are taken in the operating leases. The first plane was received in August this year.

More than 100 business aviation flights performed during the Russian Sea-Other-air-Salon 2014


During Air Show "Gidroaviasalon 2014" in southern Russia in Gelendzhik airport has been served 136 negotiable flights (arrival-departure).

Russia lifted customs duties on regional aircraft


Commission of the Customs Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan zeroed import duties on aircraft, "Vedomosti". This measure, which will enter into force on 19 August is temporary and applies only to the leasing schemes.

Eclipse Aerospace informs the second European technical center

Eclipse Aerospace approved the company General Enterprises, based at the airport Groningen, the Netherlands, the "gold" service center.

Aerion AS2 SBJ - new leap over the barrier speed of sound?

A couple of decades ago, humanity has come to realize that it is time to turn off the race speeds, it is time to save and develop a rational airplanes, which is characterized by simplicity of piloting, pilots and passengers the comfort and low fuel consumption.

Cessna flew the serial Citation CJ3+

July 28, 2014 the company Cessna Aircraft (part of Textron Aviation) made ​​its first flight on a production instance of an updated version of a business jet Citation CJ3 +.

The testing of aircraft Cessna Latitude go at full speed

Cessna Aircraft reports on accession to the flight test program of the second prototype of the newest business jet Citation Latitude, which first flew on July 25, 2014. Aircraft tail number 002 held in the air a little less than three hours, maximum speed of Mach 0.80.