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AIN Business Aviation NextGen Workshop Held at Embry-Riddle
AIN and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University hosted AIN’s Business Aviation NextGen Workshop on March 15 at the university’s Daytona Beach campus. The workshop was designed to help aircraft owners and operators learn more about complying with upcoming avionics mandates and help them understand how NextGen upgrades to the U.S. National Air Space will impact their operations, including benefits available to those equipping sooner rather than later. During the workshop Embry-Riddle hosted a session in its Florida NextGen Test Bed and ran a simulation of NextGen scenarios based on research conducted at the lab, following a presentation by Rich Jehlen, vice president of ATM services for LS Technologies. The workshop also included presentations and discussions of NextGen avionics mandates and upgrade opportunities such as ADS-B and FANS by sponsors Banyan Air Service, Chicago Jet Group, Constant Aviation, Garmin, Rockwell Collins and Universal Avionics and an interactive panel session to discuss upgrade issues. Chicago Jet brought a real-time demo rig of its FANS solution, which is certified in a variety of jets, to show workshop attendees how FANS messaging works over a live Iridium satcom connected to a Universal Avionics FMS. Back to other news