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Airbus and Aerion are working on a "son of Concorde" business jet Aerion AS2

Aerion AS2 - supersonic airliner designed for use in business aviation. "Son of Concorde" was designed and developed by Aerion in close collaboration with the aircraft manufacturing giant corporation Airbus. It is planned that the business jet Aerion AS2 will be able to reach speeds of 1,850 km / h, which is considerably higher than the current record, and will allow to overcome the distance from New York to London in just 3 hours. Aerion AS2 sverhzvukovoyAirbus and Aerion plan largely to deepen and expand their cooperation in the field of aviation. In particular, Airbus will provide for Aerion its resources for the further development of the project AS2 - a supersonic business jet. Airbus will assist in the design, procurement of components, the development of the logistics supply chain, planning, management of the program in general, and in working with government agencies. Airbus Group has a long history of development and innovation. This would be supported as an innovative technology Aerion, and in general, the aerodynamic technology. - Said Doug Nichols, CEO Aerion. Airbus Defence and Space has been involved in work on housing construction Aerion AS2, its flight control system, the design of the chassis and fuel system of the aircraft. As a result of co-operation, including through the use of advanced materials such as carbon fiber, such details have been improved, and the system as a wing, fuselage, empennage, landing gear and fuel systems. These developments have reduced the weight of the supersonic airliner, increase its efficiency and to increase the usable space. Besides carbon fiber, the above aircraft was involved and a material such as titanium. Currently, engineers are working on the selection of the power plant, which will allow "the son of Concord," as it is often called in the press, become the fastest (supersonic) business jet in history. To solve the issue with the engines is planned for the first half of 2016. In 2021 already planned first flight Aerion AS2, and commissioning is scheduled for the year 2023. By the way, on such a promising new product is already being actively formed a package of orders. Company FlexJet, specializing in providing services in the field of business aviation, plans to buy for their own use about 20 aircraft. The price of one such ship, by the way, is $ 120 million. After examining the technology and operational capabilities Aerion AS2, we believe that they are able to make a real revolution in the field of business travel. - Said Kenn Ricci, chairman FlexJet. It should be noted that even now, FlexJet takes an active part in the work on the project, working with the issue of resettlement Aerion interior decoration airliner. Recall, the first flight of the "son of Concorde" business jet Aerion AS2 is scheduled for 2021. Start of operations is expected in 2023.

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