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Airbus hailed Iran's decision to buy 118 aircraft for $ 25 billion

In the Airbus welcomed Iran's willingness to buy 118 planes for $ 25 billion, according to RNS."The deal includes orders for aircraft deliveries, as well as full co-operation in the civil aviation sector", - quotes the statement of the Iranian agency.On January 28, Iran has agreed to buy 118 aircraft, including the A380 model from Airbus for about $ 25 billion. The deal was concluded at the end of the visit the head of state Hassan Rouhani to France and became the largest in Iran in the field of aviation since 1979."This announcement is the first step to restore the prestige of the civil aviation in the region", - said General Director of Iran's national carrier Iran Air Farhad Paryaresh.Earlier it was reported that Iran buys 114 Airbus aircraft.

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