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Airbus plans to begin sales electric aircraft

Two French pilots flew some flight over the English Channel on electric airplanes - each journey is a historic milestone in the future of aviation. The first was South Duval (Hugues Duval), has flown on its single twin-engine Cri-cri from Calais to Dover and back. Electric planes fall into history, flying over the English Channel. Duval received permission to take off from Calais, and therefore its 220-pound aircraft was towed to the airplane fuel at the start of the journey. From there he flew to Dover and back to Calais - 50 kilometers away - where it landed. During the trip, Duval could reach a speed of 145 kilometers per hour. Twelve hours later, French pilot Didier Estaing (Didier Esteyne) on the two-seater Airbus E-Fan flew from English Lydda and after about 38 minutes landed at Calais; maximum altitude was more than 1,050 meters. "Now we have a big step toward mass production, which will lead to the development and production of electric airplanes are safe, reliable and certified for airworthiness standards," said the press release, Jean Botti (Jean Botti), Chief Technology Officer of Airbus Group. Guide Airbus says it wants to begin selling two-seater already in 2017. Although Duvall crossed the English Channel first, Airbus revolted because Cri-Cri was towed by another plane.

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