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Aircraft Sales Business Leases Office At Airport

A Texas-based entity that once proposed handling Lawton Fort Sill Regional Airport's fixed base operations will be coming to the airport in a smaller capacity.

Members of the Lawton Metropolitan Area Airport Authority, the airport's governing board, agreed Tuesday to rent office space within Hangar 5 to Cobra Kai, which now operates a flight school out of the Kickapoo Airport in Wichita Falls, Texas. Authority members were told the firm would be paying $300 a month to lease the small office space, for the specific purpose of an aircraft sales operation, but did not say when that contract would begin or when Cobra Kai would arrive.

Airport Executive Assistant Pat Hurley said Cobra Kai would only have space for an office. The firm is not leasing space for actual aircraft sales and if the firm decides it wants to do so, the owner would have to come back to the airport authority to lease more space, Hurley said.

Airport authority members said the firm would be located in a small ground floor office that is ready for occupancy and an area that already houses the airport's mechanic. It is the second firm to locate in the large hangar in recent months. In January, the airport authority agreed to lease space to Survival Flight, which needed office space, a location to store equipment and aviation storage space in the event of inclement weather. In January, Airport Director Barbara McNally said there was plenty of space within Hangar 5 to lease space to others, including Cobra Kai.

Authority approval of Cobra Kai's request came with a recommended upgrade to the contract: authority members agreed with a legal recommendation to increase required commercial liability insurance to $1 million per occurrence, rather than the $500,000 included in the proposed contract


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