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Aircraft sales set to gain altitude in China, says Boeing

 Boeing has revised upwards the 2015 estimate of the number of aircraft China airlines will order from 6,330 to 6,810 over the next two decades. China will spend more than $1,025 trillion (€915 billion) on aircraft. The order is part of China’s 13th five-year plan, which began this year. Air travel is booming in China with a new middle class taking overseas trips. Growth is expected to rise 6.4 per cent annually over the next 20 years. China is also expected to overtake the United States in business travel in the next year.Concur, the expense management company owned by SAP, is to acquire the online travel company Hipmunk. Established in 2010 with funding of $20 million, Hipmunk offers flight searches and accommodation including hotels and Airbnb rentals. Concur allows employees to book travel in compliance with company policy. Hipmunk chief executive Adam Goldstein said: “This combination with Concur means we can do a even better job for frequent travellers.”Instead of channel-hopping when you stay in a Marriott hotel, how about browsing the inspirational offerings from TED? A partnership between the two companies will mean offerings of talks, blogs and quotes with a different theme each quarter. TED will curate content for Marriott guests delivered over in-room entertainment systems and wifi. Marriott regulars will have a chance to attend a series of five TED Talks Fellows salons at properties in Washington state, London, Dubai, Bangkok and Santiago.Between now and December 2nd, British Airways is giving free upgrades to first class to some of its business-class passengers. In an effort to increase the profile of Club World and first class, some lucky travellers will get an upgrade in one direction. Your upgrade can be free when you book an eligible R. D, or C class, or a full flexible J-class fare for travel up to December 23rd. You cannot book it online it has to be booked direct with BA or through a licensed travel agent.

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