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Assembling the first Dassault Falcon 5X goes according to plan

Dassault Aviation company reported on the implementation of the first prototype assembly work of the new business jet Falcon 5X. According to information provided at the factory in Biarritz (France) has joined the main part of the fuselage of the aircraft of the future . In May, plan to attach to the fuselage nose section , after which the aircraft finds its recognizable shape . Thereafter, the fuselage will be subjected to testing for strength, and then it is transported to the company Dassault in Bordeaux, where final assembly will be completed prototype.
Senior vice president of Dassault Aviation Olivier Villa said that the company is pleased with how work is progressing on the project 5X " Billets and future aircraft components ideally suited to each other , the assembly was held in accordance with all requirements , and we are preparing to ensure that in the summer of 2014, right on schedule , to start the first ground testing of aircraft . "
By the end of this summer Dassault Aviation expects to receive from suppliers chassis (Héroux-Devtek) and engine (Snecma SILVERCREST) ​​for Falcon 5X. 5X first flight is scheduled for the summer of 2015 , and certification and entry into service expected in mid- 2017 .

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