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Astronomers have removed a piece of falling space leased to a business jet

On Friday morning near the island of Sri Lanka in the atmosphere of the earth was burned artificial space chip, whose fall was predicted long before. The object, which is assigned a number WT1190F, has a size of about a meter, presumably, was a fragment of rocket stage. It was discovered by astronomers October 3rd.
Falling debris could be seen from the ground because of the clouds, so amateur astronomers previously chartered jet Gulfstream 450 to remove the lens on your camera. Partially funded by the International Astronomical Flight Center and Space Agency of the United Arab Emirates. Scientists believe that most of the objects in the atmosphere burned, unburned debris might fall on the territory of 65h100 km south of the coast of the island.
They first managed to calculate the exact time and place of falling debris, which allowed to prepare for the observation using high-speed cameras and spectrometers.

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