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Boeing launches the family BBJ MAX

Company Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has announced the launch of the program , enterprise-class family of aircraft based on the Boeing 737 MAX. Such a decision maker was potentially ready in 2012 , launching a radical upgrade and remotorization most popular single-aisle aircraft . The current official launch of BBJ MAX attributable to obtaining from an unnamed customer first order for Boeing (BBJ) MAX 8. First 737 MAX in VIP- version will be sent to the client in 2018.
The new family of engines will be equipped with LEAP-1B production CFM International, as well as winglets Advanced Technology, which , according to the manufacturer , will increase the fuel efficiency of the 737 MAX 14% compared with BBJ2 (737-800). Besides, increase range, at BBJ MAX 8 it will be 6325 nautical miles ( 11,713 km, 1,482 km to more than BBJ2). Interior size is the same as that BBJ2.
For BBJ MAX 8 followed long version , MAX 9. Will BBJ MAX 7 , is still unknown .
The official statement manufacturer reports, that the development program is 737 MAX according to the schedule , the first flight is scheduled for 2016 . Backlog at the 737 MAX has more than 1,900 units from 37 airlines.
About 140 aircraft family BBJ operated by operators for private owners , corporations and government organizations worldwide . Manufacturer rassyaityvaet that the new model will be as successful .

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