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Bombardier refused sales of business jets through intermediaries

Bombardier Business Aircraft - Canadian division of Bombardier for the production of business aircraft - in the framework of the restructuring and work to improve the business model has decided to abandon the dealer network. According to the official statement, the new strategy implementation aircraft, focusing on direct sales, is designed to increase long-term profits. Thus, Bombardier will be directly responsible for the market in the regions.
In addition, Bombardier Business Aircraft "has completed the restructuring of certain commercial agreements with customers." This resulted in the cancellation of 24 firm orders for a total of $ 1.75 billion. At list prices last year, as well as 30 options. The company expects that in the future it will be able to sell these aircraft at a better price.
Bombardier Business Aircraft - a unit selected January 1, 2015 the structure of Bombardier Aerospace, which had been disbanded. As explained in the parent company, it was done to reduce costs. The reforms carried out against the background of criticism of Bombardier, related to the implementation of the program single-aisle CSeries, accompanied by a series of failures. The creation of these machines might be broken due to the lack of own resources, but the project supported by the government of Quebec. Certification CS100 version took place in December 2015 .; more capacious model CS300 is approved by the regulator about six months.
In addition, aircraft manufacturers had to abandon the program of business aircraft Learjet 85. The company explained this weak demand for business jets and the revision of the forecast of the direction of its further decline.
Today, aircraft builder intends to focus its efforts on the most promising projects, which is called the CSeries Bombardier business jets and Global 7000/8000. The company's management emphasizes that it has sufficient resources, including financial ones, to support these programs.

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