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Cameroon Airlines acquired Chinese aircraft Xian MA 60

Xian MA60 is a deep modernization of the Soviet AN-24. January 24, the first commercial flight of the Chinese turboprop passenger plane Xian MA60, owned Cameroon Airlines. The aircraft made a flight between the capital Yaoundé and the largest economic center of the country - Douala. Among the first passengers of the new aircraft included Transport Minister Ngo Cameroon Edgar and Chinese Ambassador Wei Wenhua. The Minister of Transport stated that he was personally convinced of the high quality of aviation equipment from China.According to him, Xian MA60 has all the chances to become the most popular aircraft in the country, writes "Sina sinven." Wei Wenhua said that due to its technical characteristics, the Chinese Xian MA60 is capable of landing practically any airport in Cameroon. According to the Chinese diplomat, the Chinese purchase of Cameroonian turboprop aircraft will contribute to the development of civil aviation in the region. Xian MA60 - turboprop passenger plane, producing a Chinese corporation Xian Aircraft Industrial Corporation. Xian MA60 is a deep modernization of the Soviet AN-24. First flight Xian MA60 made in 2000. By the end of 2015 in the world, mostly in Africa, operates about 80 Xian MA60.

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