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Cessna represents two business jet

Cessna Aircraft Company, the exhibition NBA-2015 for the first time will show the public new business jet Cessna Citation Longitude. Also, the manufacturer announced that it plans to enter the market of large business jets, developing from scratch a new airplane Citation Hemisphere with a range of 4,500 nautical miles. Longitude Hemisphere and join the Citation Latitude, thereby fully equipped with a family of three new aircraft Citation large-cabin. "We are pleased to introduce the future of this large family of Citation. Longitude was a welcome debut for potential customers, industry experts and our employees, "- said Ernest Scott, president and CEO of Textron Aviation. "Following the wishes of customers, Longitude perfect mix of performance, cabin comfort and modern technology. And with a proven design and reliability Citation, Longitude conceived to revolutionize the segment of the super. " When the project was announced at Longitude EBACE-2012, it was supposed to be the aircraft with a seating capacity of eight to twelve people, a flight range of 4,000 nautical miles and with engines Snecma SILVERCREST. But a year ago, during the NBAA-2014, Cessna «blurted out" that the developers are reviewing the initial configuration of a business jet. And now the company has introduced an updated version of Longitude with other engines and a smaller range. The initial calculations, the range was to be 4,000 miles, but has now dropped to 3,400 miles. This roughly corresponds to Citation X +, Gulfstream G280, Challenger 350 and Dassault Falcon 2000S, with which a new business jet will compete. The engines have been replaced by Honeywell HTF7700L. So far, no details on HTF7700L not, but 7000 is a family of traction in the range of 6500-7500 pounds, which is lower than the SILVERCREST (11,000 pounds). The first flight of a new business jet is scheduled in 2016, and certification and commissioning - a year later. At the current NBAA-2015 the company is flightless prototype, designed for ground tests. Nevertheless, it is equipped with a full interior. Despite the deterioration in performance (reduction of flight distance), Longitude fits very well into a new line of business jets with large salons: Latitude - 2850 miles, Longitude - 3,400 miles and the latest Hemisphere - 4500 miles. A new Citation Hemisphere will take the place flagship products. He is expected to cost $ 30-35 million, the diameter of the cross section of the fuselage will be 2.59 meters (102 inches), and the plane will get some advanced technologies for the Cessna, including a limited-wire flight control system. According to the schedule the first flight Hemisphere to be held at the end of 2019. Hemisphere took place in the line of Cessna, originally designed for smaller Longitude, which has the same cross-section of the fuselage, as the Citation Latitude (1,95 m / 77 inches). "Instead of two aircraft in this segment, as we originally expected, we have the opportunity to make three different aircraft and block range. We feel that in this case, offer competitive prices and get a new brand in all three of these niches, "- said CEO Scott Ernest Textron Aviation.

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