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Deliveries of business jets have increased
Monday 09, November 2015

Association of manufacturers of general aviation (GAMA) released the results of the industry in the first nine months of 2015. According to the report Association, during the first three quarters of this year, deliveries of general aviation aircraft decreased by 6.5% since 1665 aircraft in 2014 to 1558 - in 2015. The total cost of delivered aircraft totaled $ 15.7 billion. That is 1, 5% more than last year. This is due to the growth of the supply of more expensive jets. Also, the association released data supply helicopters - for the first nine months of 685 helicopters delivered to customers (5.9% less than the previous year), while their total value decreased by 21.5% year on year. Number of piston aircraft deliveries fell 10.8% to 806 vehicles to 719. Deliveries turboprop equipment also declined, by 9.4% to 374 aircraft. At the same time, business jets delivered to customers by 4.3% more 465 aircraft against 446 last year. At the same time the association said that the French Dassault, in accordance with their own procedures for providing financial statements twice a year. Thus, the consolidated results do not include data supply Dassault for the third quarter of 2014, to make it a valid comparison yoy. Total production of helicopters for three quarters of 2015, compared to the year 2014, decreased by 5.9%. In this segment of the piston machines showed a slight increase of 1% or 2 helicopters, and gas turbine helicopter deliveries fell by 8.9%. Total delivered 205 piston and 480 turbine helicopters. "Although the third quarter performance of the industry in different segments in different directions were new and newly certified models of business jets have helped to raise the overall cost of delivered aircraft," - said President and CEO Pete Bunce GAMA. "In the turboprop market, our industry is particularly affected in the segment of agricultural aircraft from an inability to Export-Import Bank of the United States on July 1, to provide new financial guarantees. Therefore, we are very pleased to strong bipartisan support of this month the resumption of this financial institution in the US House of Representatives, which adds support for the Senate at the end of summer. "

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