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Diamond Aircraft will equip new aircraft engine Ukrainian

Austrian Diamond Aircraft has begun to assemble a new multipurpose single engine aircraft Dart 450. According to the publication Flightglobal, the first prototype will be installed AI-450 production Ukrainian companies "Motor Sich" and "Ivchenko-Progress". In "Motor Sich" in an interview with refused to disclose details of cooperation and stated that delivery has not yet been determined. 
Dart single-engine 450 will have a wingspan of 10 meters, maximum takeoff weight of 2130 kg, range 1240 km. It is expected that the aircraft will be different good maneuverability and can perform aerobatics. The machine is designed for the carriage of passengers, exploration and pilot training. 
Turboprop engine AI-450 with a capacity of 450 liters. s. provide a fuel consumption of 90 l / h Thus, the operating costs of this aircraft will make $ 500 per hour of flight. 
By now made ​​some details of the new aircraft. In the near future the company will be ready to be installed on the prototype engine. Dart 450 test will take one and a half years, and in 2016 the company plans to introduce the aircraft on display at Farnborough. 
Previous version of the aircraft with a diesel engine was called the DA50 SuperStar and was presented in 2006

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