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European market lags behind the U.S. market


Restoring European business aviation market behind the U.S. market for 12-18 months, said Chad Anderson, president of Jetcraft, broker sales business jets. "Many European operators optimize their aircraft fleets, which should make them more successful recovery. However, there is still price instability in the secondary market business jets. "
In any case, according to Anderson, the U.S. market helps to support the recovery in Europe. "In the secondary market in Europe have an ample supply of good and fresh business jets, which quickly find buyers in the United States," - he says. "In fact, now the region is export market for used aircraft."
But in Europe there are also buyers, especially if we consider the long-term. "The market of used business jets is quite strong in the UK and Germany. We also believe that Africa is a continuation of the European market, and we see here a great demand, especially in Nigeria and in the major cities of South Africa. "
According to Anderson, because of the tension in Ukraine prospects of Russia, which is usually a strong player in this market at the moment is not yet clear. "In the short term there will be more sellers than buyers. Nevertheless, we consider this as a temporary aggravation of tensions. And soon the traditional geopolitical situation here should be back to normal "- he concludes.
Prices of used aircraft have adequate supply, and the good news, according to Anderson, is that there are plenty of good deals on the secondary market. While sellers began to receive less for their aircraft, they also have a real opportunity to buy another plane at a good price.
European business aviation market tends to be light and medium aircraft segment, which moved by wealthy people who usually do "emotional rather than a business purchases." But as sales in these segments decreased, now business jet market in Europe is held by increasing demand for large-sized aircraft, which are usually bought by corporate customers.
Over the next 12-24 months to Chad Anderson expects that the secondary market business jets in Europe will continue to recover. However, the price will continue to fluctuations in the area of ??the lower level.


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