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Evektor plans to create amphibious version of the EV-55

After entering the EV-55 commissioned Czech aircraft manufacturer ANI holding Evektor, intends to develop on the basis of his flying boat. As the chief designer of the twin-engine aircraft Peter Sterba, for 9-14-local amphibians there is a big market, and his company has already received basic design drawings and vendor busy looking floats. According to chief designer Mr. Sterba, Evektor no hurry to representation of the model on the market. It is assumed that the amphibian will be no earlier than one year after certification standard vysokoplana EV-55, scheduled for 2016. No other details were reported. After recently receiving financial support from the Malaysian investors (company Aspirasi Pertiwi) in the management of the company believe that the approved schedule did not undergo more changes. On completion of the certification program allocated $ 50 million (total since 2005, the company spent for these purposes more than $ 100 million of the Czech government). Investment will raise the level of production of aircraft equipped with engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-21, up to 50 units per year, as well as to create a network of dealers and service centers. 
The first prototype of the EV-55 (MSN001), proceeded to fly in 2011, has flown 172 hours. In flight program involved two prototypes. Currently, the first pre-production car is at the stage of assembly, and its first flight is scheduled for early next year.

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