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Falcon 8X almost ready for ground tests

Construction of a new long-distance business jet Dassault Falcon 8X almost completed. According to Dassault Falcon, the factory in Bordeaux, Merignac, July 22, 2014 was the final assembly of engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW307D and docking of the fuselage with the wings. Thus, the newest Jet French manufacturer is ready first integrating electrical systems and ground tests. In accordance with the plan of production and test program first inclusion of the systems is expected later this month. In the first flight of Falcon 8X go in early 2015. First 8X fuselage was manufactured at Dassault Aviation in Biarritz, France, and arrived at the main assembly plant in Merignac company in May, and in June came from Martin wing. This was followed by docking of the fuselage, wing and tail. 
The aerodynamic design of leading edge flaps Falcon 8X has a muzzle-trade union, which gives Falcon business jets advantage in aerodynamic efficiency, reliability, ease of maintenance and serviceability. 
It is expected that other new French manufacturer - Falcon 5X - in the coming months and will be ready for ground tests. In June 2014 the fuselage for the first prototype arrived in Merignac and by the end of July will be docked to the plumage. The first flight of Falcon 5X scheduled for mid next year, and commissioning - in 2017, that is, less than a year after Falcon 8X.

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