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First delivered business jet G650 for sale

The first delivered to American aircraft manufacturer Gulfstream G650 ultradalny be for sale by its owners, reports Corporate Jet Investor. The aircraft, owned by Wynn Resorts (N711SW) was one of the two owners transferred the manufacturer in December 2012 (the second plane N100A owned Exxon Mobil Corp). Earlier, its desire to sell its G650 and said the Irishman Denis O'Brien. However, this is not due to the frustrations of customers, but rather the opposite. Customers are more willing to eyeing new version of ER, which is available from 2014. Gulfstream announced the modification ultradalnego flagship in May 2014 at the exhibition EBACE. The updated aircraft has a range of 7,500 nautical miles / 13,890 kilometers at a speed of 0,85M and 6400 miles / 11853 km 0,90m. Compared with the original modification, which was commissioned in late 2012, increase in the range of 500 miles / 926 km. G650ER almost identical to G650, except for an increase for 4000 pounds (1814 kg) of fuel and, consequently, higher maximum takeoff weight and parking. The weight of the empty aircraft remained unchanged, thereby saving 1,400 pounds of payload at full refueling. Takeoff distance G650ER (standard conditions at sea level) increased to 6299 ft (1920 m) to 5858 ft (1785 m) in G650. The fuel tank capacity is increased by the wings of a fuel upgrading system. Also, changes in the software of the fuel metering and the flight control system. Currently, Gulfstream delivered more than 130 G650. The exact number of fully assembled jets is difficult to calculate because many customers prefer to install additional options and the factory in Savannah more like a beehive, where there is day and night driving. As for our hero - N711SW, he performed 605 flights flown 1312 hours, the average flight time was 2.1 hours.

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