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Impetuous spurt of business aviation: the number of private flights in Riga has increased by one-third

In November this year, the number of private business aviation flights in Latvia in comparison with November of last year increased by 36.7%, according to data consultancy WingX Advance.For comparison, in Sweden and Lithuania, an increase of about 10%, in France - 8%, Poland - 5.5%, while the largest decline was in Russia - almost 30%, in Ukraine - 28, 5%, Slovakia - by 20.5%.
"Business aviation - the segment sensitive: it is influenced by the existing infrastructure and the quality of services, as well as related costs. This is confirmed by the results - since the opening of the new center of business aviation FBO RIGA in Riga has increased dramatically the number of served flights. We are pleased to that Riga manages to provide convenient services to customers at a time when many European countries the volume of business aviation fall. At the present time, it is important to maintain this positive trend, the more that other airports have gone to lower prices "

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