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In 2015, the Boeing business jet has put 8 aircraft

Last year, Boeing Business Jets (a division of Boeing for the production of business jets) delivered to the customer, eight aircraft in the "green" version. It is about five Boeing 737 BBJ and BBJ 747-8 three. Eleven aircraft customers receive a complete set of centers. A year earlier, Boeing Business Jets has put customers ten aircraft, including four BBJ787-8, one BBJ777-200LR, two and one BBJ2 BBJ1 (excluding ships, transferred from picking cents). According to the President BBJ David Longridge, 2015 became successful enough for the producer. "And this is not the limit. Currently, we are entering the final stage discuss the details of future contracts with several clients. Bet on the BBJ MAX is already paying off. The plane sold very well, and we have in the portfolio of orders nine customers. "
In November 2012, within the framework of the annual exhibition NBAA 2012 Boeing Business Jets airplane presented to the public BBJ MAX 8. This aircraft is based on the latest 737 MAX. The new ship will be the first aircraft BBJ MAX family, who will receive all the benefits of new, more efficient engine LEAP-1B production of CFM International and endings "double feather", developed by Boeing. New engines and the ending will help reduce fuel consumption by 13% and 1.5% respectively. In practice, these characteristics will allow to reach the flight range to 6325 nautical miles (11,713 km), which is more than 14% higher than the most advanced modern BBJ2 models.
But, as experts note, the fate BBJ747-8 practically solved. Even despite the fact that in 2015, starting the client received its first, fully stocked ship, probably a series of nine vehicles, which has already been transferred to the "green" version of our customers, and this will end.
However, last week it became known that a year after the announcement as the prime contractor, Boeing formally start work on the contract, under which will be replaced by the current 747-200 «Air Force One» three modified 747-8.

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