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In the 2015 NBA announced a new business jet Cessna Hemisphere

American automaker Cessna Aircraft, traditionally attended the annual conference and exhibition NBAA business aviation in 2015, made public its new major project. The central object of the exhibition was the layout of the new business jet family of Citation, dubbed Hemisphere.Hemisphere is the largest business jet product line in the Cessna Aircraft. The flight range of the aircraft will be 8344 kilometers. It is already known that the manufacturer has signed a contract with Snecma to supply engines Silvercrest; as other suppliers of components and systems of the future of the aircraft, including avionics, not yet reported. According to preliminary data, the price of the new aircraft could reach 30-35 million.The date of the new business jet market is still unknown. But given that the development project is "from scratch", do not expect its appearance in coming years. Moreover, that in 2017 at Cessna Aircraft Certification has scheduled another high-profile projects - Citation Latitude.

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