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In the secondary market business aviation without change


JetNet analytical agency releases report on the state of the secondary market for enterprise-class aircraft in March and I quarter of 2014 . During this period, the number of transactions with the former to operate business jets increased by 3.1 % , while after issuing aircraft for sale until the transaction was reduced to 73 days or less . But asking prices continue to decline ; compared with the same period last year, a decline of 11.6% . Number of transactions with turbojet aircraft in the I quarter decreased by 15.8% , prices are down 29.4%.
Similar trends are observed in the market of used helicopters - both reciprocating and turbine engines.
I just quarter of this year in the secondary market was billed 6320 aircraft of all types ( including commercial airliners ), of which 1823 Sun found new owners . The largest number of business jets ( 2857 units, 17.4% of in-service fleet ) was put up for sale in 2009 , in I quarter of this year , the figure was 2,369 units ( 12.1%). All in all, the world operated 19620 corporate jet class , the report said .
Thus, despite the steadily progressing situation in the secondary market , it still has not recovered from the effects of the economic crisis in 2008 and has a negative impact on the market of new aircraft , analysts summarize JetNet. One significant factor is the low level of GDP in the United States , which during the period grew by 0.1 % compared with the 2013 quarter I noticed that a healthy market for corporate aircraft , this figure should be at least 3%.


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