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In the United States is dominated by the old business jets

New research from Global Jet Capital, provider of financial solutions for business aviation, shows that 28% of medium and large private aircraft in the United States are more than 20 years, and 15% - more than 30 years. The average age of business jets in the country is 16 years old. The Global Jet Capital believe that as the US economy continues to improve, more and more owners of private aircraft will consider an update of its aircraft. Medium and large private jets will usually cost between $ 25 million. And $ 75 million., And up to 80% financing to buy them come from external sources. The study found that of the ten states with the largest fleet of medium- and large-sized private jets, Michigan has the highest average age - 22 years old, and then followed by Florida (20 years) and Texas (18). Shawn Vick, CEO of Global Jet Capital, said: "A large proportion of the fleet of business jets in the US has a considerable age, and as the economy improves, we expect that some owners would consider switching to a new generation of aircraft. With funding of approximately $ 1 billion. We have a good chance to make money on it. " The company also found that in the United States about 821 aircraft of this size worth $ 5 billion. For sale. 164 of them are based in Florida, 128 - Texas and 87 - in California. Given that in the US there are now about 7526 medium and large business jets, approximately 11% of the fleet operated for sale. In this figure the world currently equal to 10%. Shawn Vick commented: "In the United States accounts for about 52% of the world fleet of medium and large business jets. It is the most developed and stable market of private jets in the world, and against the background of a growing economy and a growing number of wealthy citizens, he has good prospects for long-term growth. And we expect to meet the demand for financing in this segment. Many potential customers will look for opportunities to upgrade or get a more modern or more planes. But as with the growth of the total wealth in the country, we expect buyers who purchase aircraft for the first time. "

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