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Iran does not buy 10 aircraft from Russia

Deputy Head of the Civil Aviation Authority (RSA) Iran announced plans to buy 10 aircraft, denying Iran's plan to replenish its fleet of Russian passenger planes. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the aeronautical charts domestic production by Iranian experts, Mohammad Hodakarami said that a number of local airlines are in talks about upgrading the merchant fleet, and that some contracts were signed in this regard. "Based on the envisaged plans, 10 aircraft will be added to the fleet of the country by the end of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2016)," - said Hodakarami, adding that "efforts have been made to import the aircraft used the least." Employee State Administration of Iran stressed that the acquisition of aircraft requires fiscal coordination senior officials denied allegations of buying Russian civilian aircraft, because these actions require the approval of the organization, reports

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