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Iran wants to buy at least 200 aircraft BOEING AND AIRBUS

According to him, Tehran next week to sign an agreement for the purchase of France 114 passenger aircraft Airbus. The implementation of this program became apparent after the recent cancellation of international sanctions against Iran. Iran has a population of 79 million people has a good road network, but as ever before, needs major upgrading of transport that Tehran hopes will promote tourism. European authorities have banned all Iranian aircraft other than 12 aircraft, use of airspace in the EU due to the inconsistency with international safety standards in civil aviation. This is reported by "Agence France Press" referring to Iran's Transport Minister Abbas Akhund. With all of this just to Iran may need about 500 new aircraft over the next 3 years, said today the chairman of the parliamentary commission on the development of Mehdi Hashemi. According to him, the agreement between Iran and Airbus will be signed during his first official visit to Paris, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in Europe after the lifting of sanctions. Iran is also interested in buying the A380 aircraft series, and A350.

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