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Iron Maiden frontman will sell aircraft

Frontman of heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson will sell private jets. Specialty shop will be opened in the London department store Harrods. It is reported by NME.
On sale will be put up six-seater jets Eclipse 550. The approximate cost of each aircraft will be around 2.2 million pounds. They are exposed to the acquisition until the end of August. Potential buyers will be able to receive in-store consultation of experts from the supplier company Aeris Aviation, one of whose leaders is a musician, and learn more about the products offered.
"There is another similar engine, which could be compared with Eclipse in terms of cost and economy. It can cover distances of one thousand nautical miles, which makes it ideal for Europe ", - the musician, who is also a pilot of civil aviation.
The creators say the plane that had the minimum fuel consumption, while at work it causes minimal damage to the environment. In addition, as noted by The Evening Standard, Jet can reach speeds of up to 192 meters per second and consumes 200 liters of fuel per hour.



Bruce Dickinson
Photo: imago stock & people / Global Look

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