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Larger business jets feel stagnating business aviation market

The continued weakening of the market prospects of business jets with large lounges leads the market of business aviation to new post-crisis lows. This is stated in the latest UBS Business Jet Market Index study. UBS Bank has introduced business aviation market index to track changes in market conditions on the basis of the interest of client assessment studies, pricing, the 12-month forecast, stocks in the secondary market and a willingness to buy the aircraft. According to a recent study of the generalized index fell by 13%, reaching the lowest level since the end of 2009. of small aircraft Index remains the strongest, but in December it decreased by 11%. Business jets with large lounges showed the weakest results in this segment index fell by 17%.
North American market remains strong, still showing positive signs. But in December index is recorded at 10% reduction. Latin America shows improvement, but remains one of the weakest markets for UBS index. Market conditions continue to deteriorate and Asia - a decline of 15%, while the Middle East grew by 3%.
UBS experts report that 61% of respondents reported a "significant negative impact" on weakness in emerging markets and currency devaluation. 65% of respondents believe large aircraft segment saloons most affected in the emerging markets and the currency devaluation, and only 12% indicated in the affected small-sized business jets.
How to find the UBS researchers, the result of the weakness of the segment of large-sized aircraft will be that General Dynamics will reduce its stake in the Gulfstream.

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