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Ningbo held for the first time to the business jet experience activities

Pictured Ningbo people visit experience within the business jet. Many people only see in movies or television and high-end people ride the the business jet convenient travel scene. Whether true business jet Sha Yangzi? On the 25th of this month, four from different countries of the world's top business jet flew to Ningbo Lishe International Airport, held in Ningbo, the first top-level business jet the Appreciation experience activities, so a lot of Ningbo public feast for the eyes. It is understood that the four executive jets direct flights from Beijing, Shanghai and other places to Ningbo Airport, including the Legacy 650 from Brazil, from Airbus ACG319 from France's Dassault 7X, Gulfstream from the United States 5500. Addition to four of the world's top business jet, to participate in the activities of the business jet Appreciation experience there are a number of business jet captain, flight attendants from around the world. Invited object, as the focus of the activities of nearly 100 local private business owners fortunate enough to board these are show business jet. Since boarding visit lasts for a few days in advance registration arrangements, in the interview, the reporter was unable to personally enter the business jet cabin. However, it was invited to participate in the activities of a software company, Mr. Cheng briefed reporters, business jet seats in the 8-28 range, cabin facilities called luxury, computer, fax machine, telephone, Internet, copier everything, video displays, and conferencing equipment, passengers whether it is for business or to enjoy the entertainment can be handy. "It's like back luxury offices and entertainment small world of its own ground., Extremely casual and comfortable." Mr. Cheng said. Reporter noted that four of the world's top business jet together to Ningbo guests, also attracted a lot of guests through the Ningbo Airport curious.

Ningbo Evening News

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