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Parachute SF50 Vision business Jet completed tests

Cirrus Aircraft Company completed ground testing aircraft SF50 Vision Jet, equipped with a parachute system (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System / CAPS). As expected, the fourth quarter of the aircraft and flight testing will take place.
The parachute system is designed so that in the event of an emergency descent of the aircraft to carry passengers to the ground. Thus, CAPS - a revolutionary system that adds a new element to the standard measures to ensure the safety of passengers and crew. At its core, it is similar to the system of car airbags. But none aircraft manufacturer does not offer a measure of safety as part of the standard system on aircraft. If, during a flight accident occurs, the pilot pulls a ceiling-mounted cab red pen CAPS. Throw away as a result of this action on solid fuel rocket destroys the hatch of the tank, which houses the parachute. From the top of the fuselage rocket parachute brings back a special sling CAPS system ensnares the entire fuselage, assume the burden.
55-foot dome opens for a few seconds, and controls the rate of descent of the aircraft. Landing occurs with the participation of components of the system security as roll cage, seats, equipped with the technology of energy-absorbing «Cirrus» (Cirrus Energy Absorbing Technology / CEAT).
Recall that the progress in the implementation of the program of flight tests Vision SF50 accelerated in recent months. Just a test program involved three aircraft. Since its first flight March 24, 2014 C0 prototype performed a wide range of aerodynamic tests and tests for handling and in the future will continue to expand the range of flight modes, including testing of the parachute rescue system. C1 first flew on 25 November 2014, it became the main purpose of the certification of flight in icing conditions (Flight Into Known Icing). C2 involved in testing the reliability and performance of auxiliary equipment, as well as act as a reference for determining the flight characteristics and training programs. All three aircraft have flown more than 400 hours in 200 flights.
Next Plane Vision SF50 will be the first production with the designation P-One (P1). P1 plans to roll off the assembly line in the second half of 2015.
After-market Cirrus SF50 Vision is the first and only certified single-engine jet with a cruising speed of 300 knots (556 km / h) and the operational ceiling of 28,000 feet. Range aircraft will be 1,200 nautical miles (2,220 km).
Cost SF50 is still below the $ 2 million. And as an option will be available weather radar, a toilet and a choice of interior.

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