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Program Gulfstream P42 exists

Despite four years of speculation, Gulfstream still not officially submitted its response to the new Dassault Falcon 5X, which was announced in October last year.
Nevertheless, hints to replace G450 - a project which is dubbed P42, - continue to appear on the Internet and in documents state registration. But the leaders remain silent Gulfstream.
"We know that we will do next, but we have not yet announced future projects", - said Larry Flynn, president, Gulfstream, during a recent demonstration flight on G550 Media. However, evidence of the existence of the project «P42» continue to accumulate.
Since the first publication in Flightglobal four years ago, "evidence" about the project have repeatedly appeared in the professional social network LinkedIn. Last year, Parker Aerospace engineer from the list of professional experience have project «Gulfstream P42». Parker has developed by-wire control system for the G650, which was certified in September 2012. More recently, another vendor employee have a track record working on «Gulfstream P42 (-1, -2, -3)», that most likely involves a family of advanced aircraft.
Gulfstream operates in secret to preserve the freedom of choice for new product marketing programs. "Challenging" style notation, tested on business jet G280, Gulfstream has and can continue in the new series of products, using trademarks with suffixes -80 and -90, from the G180 and G190 to G880 and G890.
"I believe we are quite open about the fact that we have a very strong program of research and development, and we are working on new products and improving existing products," - said Steve Kass, vice president of communications. "We will not make any statements until we are sure that it is in our interests and clients. What they say now - just speculation. "
Gulfstream G450 has certified ten years ago as a new version of the GIV-SP, setting a cockpit designed for G550 avionics system and Honeywell PlaneView expanded vision.
Direct competitor of Dassault Falcon 5X believes his G450. French business jet has a wider cabin and a large 1,000 miles (1,850 km) range. Both of these factors are likely to give an idea of ​​the estimated values ​​of future business jet Gulfstream.

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