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Sale of aircraft Beechcraft King Air seriously decreased

In the first quarter of this year, shipments of Beechcraft King Air turboprops compared to the same period last year fell more than twofold. The main reason for this decline, according to Scott Donnelly, CEO and Chairman of Textron Inc., is to strengthen the dollar. As noted by Donnelly, the demand for Beechcraft King Air did not actually decrease: simply because of the excessively strong dollar, many buyers decided to postpone the purchase of aircraft, as they say, until better times. Some buyers were ready to purchase airplanes, but with substantial discounts. Donnelly said that he rejected such proposals, because he did not want to sell products at an excessively low margin. Due to the decrease in sales volumes, the revenue of Textron Aviation in the first quarter of this year fell by $ 121 million compared to the first quarter of last year. As for profits, it generally fell by half.

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