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State Aviation Service of Ukraine has named owners of all aircraft and helicopters country


State Aviation Service of Ukraine on Tuesday unveiled the owners of all aircraft and helicopters of the country, published a register of civil aircraft. 
The list contains information on the 1014 aircraft and helicopters, which have been assigned Ukrainian registration number UR, and are the owners of these aircraft. 
Aircraft Pilatus PC 12/47E production in 2011 belongs to, in particular, of "Metinvest Holding" the richest Ukrainian businessman Rinat Akhmetov (? 88 in the global ranking of billionaires Forbes, state $ 12.5 billion). The register indicates that the operator of the aircraft is a "natural person." 
Company "Chernomorneftegaz" recently nationalized by the government of Crimea, owns two helicopters Agusta AW139 (2011 edition) and one Agusta A109C (Issue 1990). Operator of these helicopters is the company "MARS RK" Kieva.Sootvetstvuyuschaya graph of "owner" appeared in the register of civil aircraft in Ukraine. Gosaviasluzhba already disclose the owners a year ago, but subsequent updates registry began to hide this information, writes 
At present, the list with Ukrainian aircraft registration included 1008 aerial vehicles. The register indicates the type of aircraft, its registration, serial number, year of manufacture, registration certificate number and date of issue, and ekspluatant owner. 
Registry data are in the spreadsheet on the website Ministry of Transport. 
In it, for example, you can see that the helicopter Agusta AW 139 with tail number UR-CRB, on MDM flew former President Viktor Yanukovych, is owned by a Cayman Islands Speed ??Aero Limited, while the "Chornomornaftohaz" which was selected from Ukraine - two of the same helicopter.


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