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Sukhoi business jet SSJ 100 for foreign customers will customize in Italy
Monday 09, November 2015

Customization business version of regional aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) will be held at the site in Venice. There will be developed 4-5 versions of unified salons that are designed primarily for foreign customers. Their unification is needed to optimize the costs of development and production, told within the air show in Dubai, senior vice-president of "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC) sales Eugene Andrachnikov. "We took a joint decision with partners that bring developing" green version "(unpainted aircraft without cabin. - Comm. to the business jet was on the Venetian site for our overseas customers," - said Andrachnikov. Now in Venice at the site SuperJet International (SJI; SP SCAC and Alenia Aeronautica) held customization only standard SSJ 100.
According to the president SCAC Ilya Tarasenko, development and certification of new stores will take about a year. He also said that the company already has a number of customers who have expressed interest in the new interiors. It is expected that the former will be proposed in the late 2016 - early 2017 Today, the operation is only one plane in the business version. It is used in the interests of state agencies under the flag of the airline "RusDzhet." As explained in the GSS, the installation of the interior of this sun was engaged in the company "Aerostayl" in Russia. Customizing other SSJ 100 in the VIP-version (including the version of the Sukhoi Business Jet, which is characterized by the installation of additional fuel tanks) are also generally entrusted to Russian enterprises. The only SBJ, salon which establishes a foreign company, has become the aircraft for the Kazakh business unit of Swiss operator Comlux, customization is engaged in the American center operator, located in Indianapolis. In the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the structure of which includes the GSS, also reported that the interior of Pininfarina, which are equipped with SSJ 100 loukostera Mexican Interjet, is certified in Russia. Obtaining the certificate is scheduled for 2016, after which it will be available for installation of Russian airlines.

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