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The Japanese company ANA will acquire three Airbus A380 aircraft

The leaders of the Japanese airline All Nippon Airways announced its intention in 2016 to purchase three Airbus A380 aircraft to increase the number of international flights. This was reported by the Asian edition, they added that the deal will reach 150 billion yen. Party and long-haul wide-body aircraft will be delivered to the buyer in 2018. With the help of a Japanese aircraft carrier will be able to oust its competitors, not only in the Asian market, but also in the US, media reported. Special attention of the Japanese company management will pay transport of passengers to Hawaii, this place is one of the most popular among Japanese tourists. Recently, the market of internal and external traffic in Japan sharply increased competition, many players are forced to curtail operations because the passenger flow declined significantly over the past few months. At the moment, the aircraft Airbus A380 is a list of the largest passenger aircraft in the world, the maximum capacity of the vessel is 853 people. The production of such aircraft giants began after the first half of the 2000s, Airbus Corporation has developed and tested the first aircraft with increased capacity and comfort.

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