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Ukrainians in private jets patrolling the border with Russia

Border patrols own plane or helicopter - such assistance on their own State Border Service provide here a month Ukrainian aviators. At least five private aircraft are monitoring the border of Ukraine with Russia and Belarus. And already managed to prevent a violation of the state border of the neighbors.
Bright and fast American helicopter "Robinson-44." At the helm - Oleg Nivelchuk. He raises a month my car is not just for the fun of flight, but also for patriotic reasons. Oleg at his own expense helps border guards monitor the hardness Ukrainian borders, reports Channel 5.
The pilot and his partner patrol section in Chernihiv, and has already managed to scare his helicopter intruders.
"In fact, we had foiled an attempt of crossing the border boat that transported some weight. Ie saw us they changed the trajectory of the river and went to the territory of the Russian Federation", - says volunteer.
That pulled one of the four light aircraft that have joined to participate in the same patrol. These machines are provided metropolitan flying club. Its leader, Yuri Yakovlev, sums up the first results of cooperation with the border guards: made a number of flights with total duration of 15 hours. Each flight takes 3.5 hours. Volunteers are up to 250 km of the border, which still fly about 100 kilometers. Part of the flight is performed at an altitude of 700 meters, a sightseeing flight - 300-500 meters. Above all is not so evident.
Formally - it private flights: state only allows you to log into the border strip and expresses the wish of the pilot job.
He tells the commander that he is ready to fulfill this mission. Commander, in turn, recommends area that should be surveyed. As a rule - it inaccessible parts of the border, where it is difficult observations with the Earth's surface.
Light aviation guards themselves are now involved in the eastern and southern section of the Ukrainian border. Therefore, the Border Guard Service grateful that Ukrainian civil pilots willing to closely monitor the borders in the north. Soon will start flying a private plane still in Rivne region.
Recall, as of April 22, the owners of private aircraft, joined to the protection of state borders of Ukraine, examined nearly 1.5 thousand km of the border.

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