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Airbus A319

With a length of 33.8 metres, the A319 is one of the smallest in the Airbus family. In the SWISS version, this aircraft offers a volume of 108 to 138 seats on distances up to 3,000 km. The two CFM56 jet engines give the Airbus A319 an average speed of 750 kilometres per hour. Aircraft of this type are used on flights within Europe and between Switzerland, Africa and the Near East. They are an average of nine years old.

Plane info

Cruise speed: 840 km/h

Total range: 6 850 km

Engines: 2×IAE V2500-A5

Aircraft dimensions

Wingspan: 34.1 m

Length: 33.84 m

Height: 11.76 m


Passengers: up to 156


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