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Aircraft Lease

Why pay the whole amount in a lump sum, if there is a way to lease an aircraft? Our flexible financial lease program was especially created for those, who are apt to count and save money. This financing tool allows you to reduce the initial capital investment required to acquire an aircraft. This method also minimizes the risks of investments.

The financial lease is available, subject to, but not limited to the following major terms and conditions:

  • Advance payment of 20 - 30 % of the aircraft's total purchase price;
  • The leasing period might be set from 5 to 10 years (subject to: volume of the transaction, buyer’s financial rating, the aircraft type and specifications, as well as the Lessor’s practice);
  • Depending on the country of applicant, some collaterals might be required.

Our approach in performance of private aviation tasks is unique at the level of its financial flexibility and level of services rendered. It consists in optimization of expenses on the purchase and operation of an aircraft, and in rational and transparent approach to managing private investments. With the Business Aviation Group, you will not have to make any initial installments or deposits, tying up your money - you only pay in a convenient manner and within periods agreed upon in advance, and only for things that are really necessary for you.


  Leasing company "Sky Capital"

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