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Boeing to sell aircraft to China

The Boeing Company will sell planes to China about 300 commercial airliners.About the deal was announced during the visit of US President Xi Jinping. The group of major Chinese financial companies entered into an agreement with the Boeing Aircraft Corporation for the supply of passenger aircraft worth about $ 38 billion: in the contract included 250 single-aisle 737 aircraft and 50 wide-body aircraft. According to Business Insider, consisting of several contracts for the total amount of the agreement was the largest that the company entered into with the Chinese manufacturer of passenger aircraft. Boeing has not officially commented on the deal, which is one of the largest in the history of aviakontserna. Whether it is a completely new aircraft orders or contract included airliners, earlier ordered Chinese companies is still unknown. The agreement between Boeing and the authorities of the PRC also involves the creation of enterprises in China for the assembly of aircraft Boeing 737. assembly plant medium-haul aircraft will be the first of its kind now aviakontserna outside the United States.
European aviakontserna Airbus has opened assembly plant in China, its medium-haul Airbus 320 and plans to build a plant for the assembly of long-haul A330.

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