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Commercial Aircraft Parts Supplier Up for Sale
Airline spare parts provider Avtec is now up for sale. Avtec owner/CEO Robert Korastinsky, who relocated the company from Switzerland to Nevada some years ago, said, “Avtec’s inventory, my company name and good will as a profitable supplier to commercial aircraft operators throughout the world, its land and buildings are for sale as a package. Alternatively, my extensive inventory can be purchased outright for transfer to another location.” Korastinsky and his executive staff will be available to provide in-depth familiarization with Avtec’s operation, including its domestic and international client base, marketing/advertising programs, inventory control, product acquisition and other aspects of ongoing management. Located in Hughes Airport Center, Avtec’s headquarters feature access to a Union Pacific railroad spur, two interstate highways and is a city block away from the perimeter of Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. Back to other news