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Gama Aviation starts operation of the first new business jet Learjet 75

British operator Gama Aviation announces the signing of a contract for the management of the first in its fleet of business jets Bombardier Learjet 75. The plane will be "registered" in Central America and operate in the interests of the American customer Gama Aviation. How to tell a company that already has a customer aircraft under the control of Gama Aviation. The new Learjet 75 fleet will join Bombardier park Gama Aviation, consisting of a Learjet 45 / 45XR / 60, as well as the families of business jets Challenger and Global. Now Gama Aviation, operates more than 30 different types of aircraft in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and China.
The new family of Learjet 70/75 (six-and eight-respectively) used gliders 40XR / 45XR, but the similarity to the previous generation of business jets ends. Updated planes got a completely new cockpit: cockpit offers a great opportunity to control all vital systems. It has the latest version of LPV-navigation system to reduce pilot workload and increase situational awareness. The instrument panel is framed chrome inserts. In addition, the board established a set of digital avionics Garmin G5000, which included three 14-inch touch-screen monitor with high quality resolution and synthetic vision systems. The complex also includes a flight control system with dual redundant, Great Circle plotter, weather radar (GWX 70), and elements of artificial intelligence. Other systems allow you to define the position of the aircraft on the taxiway and to provide the system with a digital communication and data transmission.
In the business jet installed more powerful engines and Honeywell TFE731-40BR. The new engines offer improved takeoff performance, can reduce by 12% the required length of the runway (1353 meters) and a 4% decrease fuel consumption. The production of updated jets used technologies that were developed for the average Learjet 85. The estimated range Learjet 70 and Learjet 75 (the cost of them, respectively, $ 11.1 million. And $ 13.5 million.) With four passengers on board of 2060/2040 nautical miles at a speed of 0.75 m, cruising ceiling - 51 thousand. feet, which exceeds that of the Learjet 40XR and 45XR (1730 miles and 1975 miles respectively). The maximum speed will be M = 0,81.
Today, are in operation for more than forty Learjet 75.
Recall that Gama Aviation Plc. (Hangar8 and Gama Aviation) operates 144 aircraft at 44 airports in fifteen countries, offering customers a full range of services including aircraft management, charter business, buying / selling sun and ground handling in its own FBO. The strongest positions Gama Aviation Plc. It is in the US, the UK, continental Europe and the Middle East. Hangar8 worked mainly in Europe and Africa, and Gama Aviation - throughout Europe, in the US, the Far and Middle East.

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