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Iran is negotiating the purchase of passenger aircraft with the representatives of the two countries

Iran is in the process of negotiations for the purchase of passenger aircraft with the representatives of the six countries, including Russia. This was stated by the Iranian news agency spokesman Tasnim Association of Iranian airlines Maksud al-Saadi Zamani. "After the Treaty of Vienna executive directors and managers of the world's leading aircraft manufacturers to visit Iran for talks on the sale of aircraft," - he said.This Zamani said that "delegations from France, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Japan and China have presented their products to the Iranian authorities." According to experts, Iran to upgrade its fleet over the next decade will require a total of 400 to 500 new aircraft worth about $ 20 billion. In turn, the head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Tony Tyler, "on the margins" of the conference on the development of aviation in the Middle East and Africa in Abu Dhabi said that "hopes for a significant presence in the country." According to international organizations, the Iranian air passenger market with a population of 80 million people is one of the most promising in the Middle East.

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