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Russian helicopter Mi-8AMT (MI-171)

Multipurpose helicopter Mi-8AMT (export designation Mi-171) modern modification of the Mi-8 / Mi-17 TV3-117 engines and gearbox VR-14. Available on the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. Series production of the Mi-8AMT (MI-171) √ 1991. In 1995 issued a type certificate. In 1997, the Supplement to the certificate on the passenger modification of the helicopter. In April 2005, Brazil received a certificate that meets the requirements of FAR-29.
Mi-171 is designed for a wide range of tasks: transportation of passengers and cargo, transportation of bulky cargo on external sling, carrying out search and rescue operations, medical evacuations. On UUAP released the following variants of the Mi-171: transport, passenger, VIP, fire, ambulance and rescue.
In order to meet individual requirements and wishes of customers UUAP modifies and upgrades produced helicopters. The main aim of the modernization is to extend the life of machines, as well as improved performance features and characteristics. Modernization of the helicopter shall also be subject to the requirements of the customer. So put Malaysia Mi-171 equipped with a ramp, more extended opening the right door, navigation equipment of foreign production, winch, air conditioning, air ballonets for ditching, additional external fuel tanks. The forward fuselage modified.
On the basis of commercially available Mi-171 in accordance with the AP-29, FAR-29 and the special requirements of the Brazilian CTA was designed Mi-171A. In accordance with the requirements of the Brazilian aircraft register in a modification of the Mi-171A made the following design changes: Two-cell boosters installed control systems, carried out the separation of the wiring system of power supply, the power supply system is divided left and right engines, modified fire protection and made a number of other changes.
In developing the Mi-171A was considered a huge experience in operating more than 12,000 helicopters Mi-8 in all climatic and natural zones. "Comfort and safety!" √ is the motto under which created the passenger helicopter.
Mi-171 helicopter is a type certificate in Russian, as well as the type of certificate of recognition in China, South Korea and Slovakia. In April 2005, the Brazilian Aviation Administration awarded a certificate of conformity of the Mi-171A1 requirements of FAR-29. Certification was carried out with the support of a number of Brazilian companies interested in the promotion of Mi-171A in the Latin American market. At present, already worked out contracts for the supply of several dozen helicopters to Brazil. The total capacity of the Latin American market, according to experts, several hundred cars, and getting Brazilian certificate can greatly facilitate the promotion of Mi-171A in other Latin American countries.
Currently UUAP carried out serial production of modified helicopters Mi-8AMT (MI-171) in different models and versions.
Mi-8AMT (MI-171) repeats the design of the helicopter Mi-8Mt. Helicopter in the modification of the Mi-171A is designed to carry up to 26 passengers in comfort. In the embodiment, the cargo-passenger helicopter Mi-171A with the passengers can be transported loads weighing up to 2000 kg.
The helicopter is equipped with a toilet, wardrobe, extra entrance at the rear of the fuselage, a compartment for luggage and hand luggage. Low vibration and noise, comfortable seats, wide windows, air conditioning, availability of information and emergency lighting boards, fluorescent lighting provides a comfortable environment for passengers.
To ensure the safety of passengers Mi-171A is equipped with three emergency hatches Class III, the relevant requirements of FAR-29, as well as several additional emergency exits. For flights over water helicopter is equipped with an emergency water landing, complete with lifejackets. Transportation modification on request can be equipped with additional rights extended door, ladder at the rear of the cab.
Currently, work is continuing to improve the design. In the future, modernized helicopter will be equipped with an engine VK-2500, a new auxiliary power unit Safir. It is planned to establish a composite blade bushing and the swash NV a new design. These improvements may lead to some increase in the price of the helicopter, but this should be compensated by a decrease in actual operating costs.

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