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Fractional Ownership

Business Aviation Group is one of the experienced companies in the world assisting buyers with fractional jet ownership interests. Highly qualified experts working for us have their specialization in fractional ownership. We are ready to help you in creating your own Fractional Jet Ownership Program and arrange other fractional owners to join your program.

For example, you might purchase 1/8 share of one airplane (in the blue center). Others buy the other 7/8ths of your blue airplane. Fractional ownership program is flexible, so you have the right to use it at your discretion fixed number of flight hours annually. If your plane is not available, the operator of the program will provide you with similar airplane from the fleet. Even if no plane of the category is available from the fleet of planes being managed by the operator, he will charter a plane for you from the third party, provided the 100% delivery of a plane on your first demand.