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Aviation spare parts

Company "Business Aviation Group", is one of the leading commercial company that specializes in technical support (support) of civil aircraft manufactured in the USA and Europe.
Bases of activity of the company is a comprehensive program to repair and service the aircraft and helicopters, spare parts, components and assemblies, navigation equipment, test equipment and high-tech alloys for aerospace enterprises, modernization program of the aircraft as well as providing various logistics and Warehouse services. Personnel andp production capacity of todayallows to maintain high efficiency and quality of performance of the contract, which determines the demand for services.
The company "Business Aviation Group" offers aviation spare parts (aircraft parts) and aircraft components, engines, chassis for light aircraft and airliners, helicopters made in the US and Europe. The range of companies represented aviation spare parts and assemblies for aircraft and helicopters made in the USA with one or two engines. The range offered by other parts is constantly updated according to your needs (applications). We propose to replace (in arednu) during repair of the turbine engine own. We always have in stock a large supply of US air parts. If your desired product is no longer in the catalog, you can contact the manager of the company and ordered the necessary Aviazapchast discuss delivery dates, prices of spare parts and assemblies. We offer you Avi-parts and components are of the highest quality and certificates. Payment for the goods you can make like a transfer, and in the office. "Business Aviation Group" to actively support its presence in the world aviation market, demonstrating new solutions and opportunities for customers and partners to ensure reliable and safe operation of aircraft.
- Planned and urgent (AOG) supply aviation equipment (ATI) operators of aircraft and helicopters of the Russian and foreign production;
- Repair, modernization, extension and maintenance of airworthiness of Russian and foreign production;
- Painting and repair of aircraft interior Russian and foreign production;
- Parts Bell, Cessna, Hawker, Boeing, Airbus; Embraer;
- Always available ground power (GPU), portable units start (PSU), power supply (PS) of the company Start Pac, USA;
- Always available means of ground control and assurance (GSE), the control test equipment (GSTE) leading world manufacturers;
- Delivery of high-tech alloys for the aerospace industry;
- Supply of consumables, lubricants and oils;
- Storage services on their own automated warehouse complex;
- Services organizations ensure the delivery of the goods and their customs clearance.


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