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Global Express XRS

The Bombardier BD-700 Global Express is a twin-engined longe-range corporate jet aircraft with a capacity of max. 13 passengers produced by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Aerospace. The Global 5000 (BD-700-1A11) is a slightly shortened variant (- 0,81m / 32 inch) with reduced range. The Raytheon Sentinel is a military reconnaissance aircraft based upon the Global Express. High speed cruise 935km/h (505kt) or Mach 0.88, normal cruising speed 904km/h (488kt) or Mach 0.85, long range cruising speed 850km/h (459kt) or Mach 0.80. Range with eight passengers, four crew and reserves at long range cruising speed 12,400km (6700nm), at normal cruising speed 12,040km (6500nm). Range with max payload at normal cruising speed 9860km (5325nm), at long range cruise speed 10,160km (5485km). We are able to finance aircraft (financial leasing).

Interior\Entry Area
• Forward lavatory: EVAC vacuum sanitation system
• LH Entrance Enclosure with coat rod.
• Large forward gallery and gallery annex (RHS)
• Crew area contain single narrow executive seat
• Crew area overhead storage
Forward Cabin
• A single manual sliding LHS pocket door
• Four single wide executive seats with footrest
• Two bi-fold pull-out side ledge table
Mid Cabin
• RH side Executive workstation with fax/printer
• LH side: Manually operated hi-low conference table
• LH side: sets of double seats
• Low cabinet under emergency exit
• A mid cabin bulkhead with LHS sliding door
Aft Cabin
• RH side: 3-place berthable 16G divan
• Two end cabinets, each featuring drink holder storage
• LH side: one side ledge bi-fold pull-out table
• Two single wide executive seats with recliner style footrest
Aft Lavatory Zone:
• Aft cabin bulkhead and hinged door
• EVAC vacuum sanitation system
• Vanity cabinet with miscellaneous storage
• Wardrobe and storage cabinet

Satellite Communication System (SATCOM)
• Satellite Communication System and High Speed Link (SAT-6100)
• Three (3) channels Aero H+. Data channel supports ACARS
• One single channel Iridium based airborne telephone.
• PBX (Aerocom 3000B).
• Four passeners cabin handsets.
• Dual channel high speed data system.
Cabin power bus disconnect.
Illuminated approach chart holders for pilot and co-pilot
Flight Observer Seat Audio Panel located on the cockpit pedestal
One power converter (3500VA/115V/60Hz)
Cockpit analog telephone jack and loose equipment telephone handset
EICAS small service door “OPEN” annunciation
Power Distribution of aircraft AC and DC power.
115 VAC GFI electrical outlets located as follow:
• A dual outlet in each lavatory and at the Gallery
• A single outlet at each single seats and outboard double seats
• A single outlet located adjacent to each cockpit seat.