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Challenger 601-3A For Sale

The Challenger 601-3A long-range business jet has made leaps and bounds from the original Challenger 600. With better performing engines, greater range and increased reliability, the -3A variant offers plenty of desirable qualities in its class, even two decades later. The -3A’s single greatest improvement is the General Electric CF24-3A high-bypass engines. Each engine is rated at a considerable 8,650 lbs of thrust at takeoff, while the inspection interval is 6,000 hours. As a result, the 601-3A is capable of traveling 3,290 nautical miles in one trip and at 0.85 Mach. In addition to performance, Bombardier emphasized reliability when building the 601-3A.  In the cockpit, you will find dual digital Honeywell DFZ-800 flight guidance, EDZ-800 EFIS, laser inertial reference and dual digital Collins HR 9000 communications systems. The Honeywell Primus 650 digital weather radar also assists in a reliable flight. A few other notable refinements of the 601-3A include an all-glass cockpit, drag-reducing winglets and greater fuel capacity, all contributing to the jet’s transoceanic range. An additional tailcone fuel tank comes standard with the -3A/ER variant, adding even more range. Even for its age, the Challenger 601-3A still offers nice cabin space. Rather large to accommodate long-range trips, the interior measures over 6 feet tall (stand-up cabin), over 8 feet wide and 28 feet from front to back. A staggering 19 passengers will reach maximum capacity, while 10-12 are standard. A “deluxe” galley and lavatory can be found aboard. The aircraft is also known for its low noise levels



9 passenger seats in VIP configuration. 6 club seat and 3 seats Divan.
1 forward galley
1 aft lavatory
Carpet and divan leather change performed in Jan 2014.
It has always been kept in the hangar.
The Aircraft has no accident or incident. It’ll be delivered with an Export Certificate of Airworthiness.

Both engines are covered by JSSI platinum program including LLP coverage (%100 full coverage without any prorata).


Manufacturer: Honeywell
Model: GTCP36-100E
Serial No: P-129C
Total APU Hours: 5203
Installation Date: 21 May 2005

APU is covered by JSSI program (%100 coverage).



(As of 18 Aug 2016)
Total Hours: 8.717 hours
Total Cycles: 5.236 cycles
Maintenance: Performed by Jet Aviation, MNG Jet
Program: CAMP system


Manufacturer: General Electric
Position Model Serial No TSN CSN LLP Rem TSO/CSO OH Date
No.1 CF34-3A2 350471 8189 4940 1006 Cyc 2502/ 1375 06 Aug 04 GE
No.2 CF34-3A2 350470 8592 5221 779 Cyc 2625/ 1451 12 Aug 04 GE
No.1 Engine has 498 hours remaining to HSI and 3498 hours remaining to overhaul.
No.2 Engine has 375 hours remaining to HSI and 3375 hours remaining to overhaul.