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Sales Airbus A319-100
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The airplane is sold without engines. The engines all need a replacement. The A319 is a shortened, minimum-change version of the A320. Also known as the A320M-7, it is 3.73 metres (12 ft 3 in) shorter than the A320; four frames fore of the wing and three frames aft of the wing were removed. The reduced seating reduces the emergency exits to six. With virtually the same fuel capacity as the A320-200, and fewer passengers, the range with 124 passengers in a two-class configuration extends to 6,650 km, or 6,850 km with the "Sharklets". Four propulsion options available on the A319 are the 23,040-pound-force (102.5 kN) V2522-A5 and 24,800-pound-force (110 kN) V2527M-A5 from IAE, or the 22,000-pound-force (98 kN) CFM56-5B/A and 27,000-pound-force (120 kN) CFM56-5B7. Although identical to those of the A320, these engines are derated because of the A319's lower MTOW.


  • Overall length 33.84 m
  • Cabin length 23.78 m
  • Fuselage width 3.95 m
  • Max cabin width 3.70 m
  • Wing span (geometric) 35.80 m
  • Height 11.76 m
  • Track 7.59 m
  • Wheelbase
  • Max Ramp: 167,330 Lbs. / 75,900 Kg
  • Max Takeoff: 166,448 Lbs. / 75,500 Kg
  • Max Landing: 137,788 Lbs. / 62,500 Kg
  • Max Zero Fuel: 128,969 Lbs. / 58,500 Kg
  • BOW Weight: 102,515 Lbs. / 46,500 Kg
  • Max Fuel: 56,218 Lbs. / 25,500 Kg
  • Engine V2527M-A5



  • AFCS: Thales Flight Management & Guidance System (FMGS) with Auto Thrust System (ATS)
  • EFIS: Two (2) Primary Flight Displays, Two (2) Navigation Displays, One (1) EICAS Display
  • FMS: Dual Thales Flight Management Computers*
  • CDU: Dual Multifunctional Control and Display Units
  • Datalink: EADS Airbus SA Air Traffic Services Unit (ATSU)*
  • VHF COM: Triple Collins VHF-900B VHF Communications Transceivers
  • HF COM: Dual Collins HFS-900 High Frequency Data Link System with Avtech SELCAL*
  • Audio: Triple Audio Control Panels
  • SATCOM: Collins Satellite Communications System 
  • Data: SwiftBroadband High-Speed Data with WiFi Router*
  • Phone: Collins Satellite Communications System with Multiple Handsets*
  • GPS: Dual Collins Global Positioning Sensors
  • NAV: Dual Collins VHF-900
  • IRS: Three (3) Litton Air Data Inertial Reference Units (ADIRU)
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-900
  • ADF: Dual Collins ADF-900
  • Radar: Collins WXR-700 Weather Radar
  • Radalt: Dual Radio Altimeters
  • TAWS: Dual Honeywell Mark V EGPWS
  • ACAS: Bendix/King (Honeywell) TCAS II with Change 7.1 (upgraded via Airbus SB 34-1533)
  • XPNDR: Dual Honeywell Transponders
  • CVR: L-3 Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • FDR: Honeywell Solid-State Flight Data Recorder
  • ELT: Dual Honeywell ASCa Inc. Portable Emergency Locator Transmitters