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All decisions in the business aviation

Since a long time flying business jet aircraft became an organic part of activity to the majority of developed corporations as well as private clients and owners. Therefore, the purchase of your own corporate jet or turboprop logically looks as the proper further step. Participation in our Program that combines aircraft acquisition costs minimization with actual optimization of your plane’s operating expense and that really enables you not only to save some funds but also to get some profit.

Normally, purchase of a business jet aircraft, irrespective a fixed or rotor wing one, begins from a serious study of the aircraft buyer’s individual requirements. We suggest that the buyer initially to set up the budget idea, then he (she) is to determine:

1) possible geography of flights,
2) maximum flight range,
3) number of passengers to be carried onboard,
4) desirable flight deck layout and the cabin interior,
5) baggage compartment volume/geometry.

Upon the completion of working out all those parameters (aircraft type determined), the buyer makes a decision either an aircraft financing is required. If so, the financing method (scheme) should be selected so far.

Since its 10 years work with clients, Business Aviation Group has gained a unique experience in sales of aircraft, helicopters and special equipment. We are the experts in aircraft appraisal, both former USSR and western made. Well established business relations with the aircraft manufacturers, provide our company with a direct access to fresh updated information up on aviation products and services. It is our pleasure to assist our clients if their deals are made with leading manufacturers of aircraft and helicopters, such as: Bombardier, Dassault, Gulfstream, Cessna, Raytheon, Embraer, Eurocopter, MD Helicopters.

We make the purchase costs estimation of a new or a pre-owned aeronautical equipment as well as its further operations capabilities. If you already own an aircraft, we will select the best crew for you and/or we will manage the crew's training. While the registration of your aircraft is in progress, Business Aviation Group will do all the work necessary to reduce taxes and charges incurred.

We feel ourselves objective while selecting an aircraft for you, because our company will assume obligations to operate this aircraft further. Business Aviation Group offers you a complete Administration Program for managing a private aircraft.