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Russian helicopter Mil-8MTV

Designed by OAO "Moscow Helicopter Plant, helicopters series Mi-8/17 the most successful in the history of Russia helicopters industry. The helicopters series Mi-8/17 have won the respect and admiration of the operators of helicopters around the world thanks to their high performance characteristics, high reliability and adaptability, ability to work in a wide range of climatic conditions (from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius) and the ease of operation and maintenance.Mi-8/17 has an ever-expanding range of operational capabilities thanks to the "Helicopters of Russia"? the current update. Helicopters can be equipped with a wide range of additional equipment for different tasks.Key Mi-8/17 is a cargo helicopter that can carry up to 4000 kg of various cargoes inside the cargo cabin or on external sling.Passenger helicopter can carry up to 26 passengers. The helicopter has a low level of noise and vibration, the cabin is equipped with a climate control system, and has emergency exits that meet the latest safety standards. All created to provide transportation of passengers during the flight comfort and safety.VIP model is designed for 7-14 passengers in a high comfort. Helicopter? S interior to your liking customers? needs and wishes. Helicopter boasts the largest cabin in its class and is ideal for a luxury equipment. VIP models can be equipped with entertainment systems, satellite communications and special means of communication in accordance with customer needs.The search and rescue model can fly search and rescue operations around the clock in any weather. The helicopter is equipped with special equipment, including projectors, winch, columns, and radar systems. This model is used in the MOE countries around the world.Mi-8/17 flying hospital for medical care in remote and inaccessible areas. Special on-board equipment provides maintenance of the vital functions of patients and first aid during the journey to hospital. Special films used inside the cabin can be disinfected quickly and to the highest medical standards.Fire model is intended for solutions blazing via helicopter on the exterior of the bucket suspension that can deliver up to 4,000 liters of water and the target burn area with a high degree of accuracy. The helicopter is able to deliver fire brigades and special equipment.Mi-8/17 are built on the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant and Kazan Helicopters as "Helicopters of Russia" companies. More than 12,000 Mi-8/17 helicopters have been produced to date? a record for a twin-engine helicopter anywhere in the world. They were delivered to more than 100 countries around the world and racked up total flight time of about 100 million hours.The following models are currently in production: 8AMT Mi-Mi-8 MTV-1 and Mi-171, Mi-171A1, and Mi-172.

Modifications of the helicopter:

  • Mi-8AMT - a variant of the Mi-8 MTV-1 production Ulan Uda plant. Distinguished by the composition of the equipment. Since 1991, it produced more than 100 helicopters.
  • Mi-8AMTSh - assault. Armed supersonic anti-tank complex "Storm". Designed in 1996.
  • Mi-8 mA - Arctic Rescue.
  • Mi-8 mA (the second with the same name) - Helicopter border security and maritime economic zone. Designed in 1990.
  • 8MN Mi-Mi-8MTT - helicopters to search for reentry of spacecraft.
  • Mi-8Mt - transport.
  • Mi-8Mt - flying crane. Different cab of the crane on-site truck valves.
  • Mi-8Mt meteo - flying weather station. In 1990, it converted 12 Mi-8Mt.
  • Mi-8MTA - helicopter near tactical reconnaissance.
  • Mi-8MTB - air hospital. Designed in 1978.
  • Mi-8 MTV (Mi-8 MTV-1) - armed military transport. Different engines TV3-117VM. Dynamic ceiling is increased up to 6000 m. Designed in 1985-1987. Available in Kazan in 1988.
  • Mi-8 MTV-2 - an upgraded. It features enhanced reservation, a new tail rotor, oversize wiring management system besparashyutnogo landing, heavy-duty jib board, the composition of the equipment. The number increased to 30 paratroopers.
  • Mi-8 MTV-3 - modified. It expands the range of weapons, number of nodes suspension reduced to 4.
  • Mi-8 MTV-3G - Air hospital based on the Mi-8 MTV-3.
  • Mi-8 MTV-5 - upgraded. Different rotor blades made of composite materials, the joints with sleeves of elestomerov, ditching system, new fuel system, two-chamber boosters, external sling load-carrying capacity of 5 tons. Designed in 1997.
  • Mi-8MTBM - Medical.
  • Mi-8MTBMPS - medical search and rescue.
  • Mi-8MTD - life. Designed to search for the astronauts and crews in distress aircraft.
  • Mi-8MTM - air hospital.
  • Mi-8MTN - helicopter medical assistance to the astronauts. Designed in 1979.
  • Mi-8MTO - night.
  • 8MTP Mi-Mi-8MTPB, 8MTPI Mi-Mi-8MTPSH, 8MTD Mi-Mi-8MTR1, 8MTR2 Mi-Mi-8MTS,
  • 8MTU Mi-Mi-8MTSH1, 8MTSH2 Mi-Mi-8MTSH3, MI- 8MTYA, Mi-8Mt-1C - jammers.
  • 8MTS Mi-Mi-8MTT - radiation reconnaissance helicopters. Designed in 1986.
  • Mi-8MTSh - Agriculture.
  • Mi-8MTF - aerofotorazvedchik. Designed in 1984.
  • Mi-8MTF (second with the same name) - Production of smoke screens. Developed in 1987.
  • Mi-8RF - radiometric. Designed in 1989.
  • Mi-8C-1, Mi-8S-2, Mi-8MD, 8ms Mi-Mi-8MSO, 8MSD Mi-Mi-8MO, Mi-8TP - "salons".
  • Mi-13 (Mi-8MTI) - jammer.
  • Mi-17-1B - export version of the Mi-8 MTV-1.
  • Mi-17-1VA - flying hospital.
  • Mi-17G and Mi-17-1VA - Export Air hospitals.
  • Mi-17KF - export modernized. Developed in cooperation with Canadian companies.
  • Mi-17M - a modernized. Different cargo hatch with ladder dipping, increased side door, a hatch in the floor of the cargo compartment, external sling load-carrying capacity of 5 tons, the composition of the equipment. Designed in 1992.
  • Mi-17MD - export version of the Mi-8 MTV-5.
  • Mi-17P - passenger.
  • 17PI Mi-Mi-17PP, Mi-17PG - jammers export.
  • Mi-17Z-2 - jammer. It was developed in Czechoslovakia.
  • Mi-18 - a military transport helicopter with lengthened fuselage 1 m. In 1980 he converted 2 Mi-8Mt.
  • Mi-19 - airborne command post. Outwardly different additional antennas on the tail boom.
  • Mi-171 - export version of the Mi-8AMT. Available in Ulan-Ude. Supplied in Iran.
  • Mi-171A1 - transport. Certified in 2005.
  • Mi-171TP - modified. Designed in 1997.
  • Mi-171SH - transport and combat. Bundled in the Czech Republic.
  • Mi-172 - export version of the Mi-8 MTV-3. Developed in 1991. Available in Kazan. In 1994, the Aviation certified in India under US FAR-29 standards.
  • Mi-172PT - modified. Designed in 1997.


Max. speed
250 km/h
Cruise speed
230 km/h
Max. flight range with main fuel tanks
610 km
Operational ceiling
6,000 m
Hover ceiling (OGE)
3,980 m

Weight Parameters

Max. take-off weight
13,000 kg
With underslung load
13,000 kg

Max. Payload, kg

in transport cabin
4,000 kg
on external sling
4,000 kg

GT Engines (TV3-117VM)

Take-off power
2x 2,200 h. p.
Contingency power
2x 2,200 h. p.

Cabin Dimensions

5,340 mm
2,340 mm
1,800 mm
27 m3


Service passengers